Stitches and Seams

Crafts and creativity are my little spice of life.  I love to take things and reinvent them or modify them. While most of the things posted here will be sewing projects, I’m sure along the way I’ll share some other crafty artwork and projects.  Maybe some of my DIY projects will even be of use to you in your own crafty adventures.

At the bottom of the page, I’ve cataloged my favorite crafty resources.

Why I No Longer Use Worksheets
I’ve been revamping my home school efforts for 2020. I’ve been thinking about it for most of her kindergarten year
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DIY Barbie Furniture
When I was little I loved barbies.  Most of my favorites are still in a box somewhere in my closet
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The Toddler Sewing Kit
I had to take a break from my series of posts on being a Caregiver to your parents.  I needed
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Crafty Resources

Yumi King– Used to be a sewing tutorial blog. Now she focuses mainly on fashion, but the sewing tutorials are still up. They are really easy to follow and make some adorable dresses. She also has some beauty tutorials