Reading Spotlight: 10 Leaders Who Changed The World

I want to start a new series today where I highlight some of the books we’re working through. This week we’re reading 10 leaders who changed the world. In our case I’m reading it to the little one, but it still might be good for some of you with older kiddos.

Now I bought mine from the library so you may be able to check it out. If not, here is the Amazon link for it as well. From what I saw when I looked it up a few days ago its about $6 dollars new.


Now before we get started…I am in no way affilated with Amazon at this time. Nor the author of this book. This review of literature is intended solely to share a potential resource for other home school families. I make no money off the links or sharing this source. That said…lets get started.


The book features the following leaders who have changed the world:

  • Moohandas Ghandi
  • Winston Churchill
  • Charles de Gaulle
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Mo Zedong
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Fidel Castro
  • Nelson Mandela
  • And others


What makes this a good book you ask? Well its simple. First it has a lot of pictures. It’s drawn in a comic book style, but its not a comic book. Each page has a few paragraphs and each figure has 4-6 pages regarding their background. Each image is really engaging even for myself as an adult.

Second, its simple. It keeps to the basic facts (without gruesume detail) of what they did without too much moral implication of whether it was right or wrong. This has allowed myself and the little one to have great discussions about the actions of these people good or bad. It also leaves it very open to use with other sources.

Third, it covers information I’ve never heard about each of these individuals. Which I think is neat and important. For example I never knew that Ghandi went to law school in England. Or that it helped him learn that he enjoyed a simpler lifestyle.


Check out this book. I think your kids will like it and it can provoke a good deal of discussion. It’s engaging, pretty to look at and good for middle to late elementary school readers.

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