The never-ending struggle

Being a parent is far from easy.  Parenting takes time and effort, as we all know. It is hard to balance your time and energy, even if you work from home.  Engaging our children and remembering what it was like to be their age can be even harder.  However, a little effort, and maybe a few ideas from a new place, can help.  Sometimes it merely takes a new perspective to find a way to make things work for you and your own.

Below I’ve listed just a few of the things our family has done to engage with our little valkyrie.


The Toddler Sewing Kit
I had to take a break from my series of posts on being a Caregiver to your parents.  I needed
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Toddler Chores: Teaching Independence
We all have those days when our child wants to help with everything, especially if they are still little.  As
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Explaining Death To A Toddler
The other day I had an interesting, but heartbreaking opportunity. At 5:30 A.M. our little Valkyrie’s Nana in OH called
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7 Places You CAN Take Your Toddler
We all known Toddlers are disruptive but we don’t have to leave them at home for everything. Here are 7
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The Toddler Kitchen
In our home, we encourage our 3-year-old Valkyrie to be as independent as possible. Often I have a toddler following
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Pagan Curriculum Ideas
Hello folks, today I’m here to ask for your feedback. I’m fiddling with the idea of building a pagan curriculum.
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Homeschool Idea: Feedback Needed
So I’ve been continuing to work on my homeschool idea for creating a curriculum that is easily accessible to parents
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Homeschool Plan 2018
My homeschool plan for 2018 is simple. I’m just focusing on fundamentals. Colors, shapes, reading, math.  That’s it.  When it
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10 Tips For A Well Oiled Home
We all know there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Not that we’d want to.  This is
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Why You Should Be a Jack (or Jane) of All Trades
I fancy myself to be somewhat of a Jack of All Trades (or a Jane). I love to go out
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