Spirituality & Inspiration

We have a home with mixed religious paths. We share a bit of everything with each other and do our best not to judge.  Here’s just a few of the things we have to share with you.

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Being the Light: How to Shine Bright
  We all have what I like to call an inner flame. When we shine we can do anything. The
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Moral Relativism and Our Children
As parents, we all want to teach our kids about values, norms, morality, and ethics. We want our children to
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Pagan Curriculum Ideas
Hello folks, today I’m here to ask for your feedback. I’m fiddling with the idea of building a pagan curriculum.
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Explaining Death To A Toddler
The other day I had an interesting, but heartbreaking opportunity. At 5:30 A.M. our little Valkyrie’s Nana in OH called
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Positive Manifestation: Re imagining Your Life
While I’m starting to get geared up to write again and positive manifestation has been a big part of finding
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