Being a Caregiver

As we get older so do our parents. Sometimes it falls on us to take care of them and you become a caregiver. This is neither an easy proposition or a stress-free one.  There is a lot that goes into taking care of your parents, especially depending on their medical history and mental faculties.Being a Caregiver

In the caregiver pages, I hope to share what has made this process easier for me.  Maybe those of you facing this situation can learn from my pitfalls and mistakes.  Or can get a better head start than I did with my mom and dad.

In addition to the health of those you care for you have to consider your own health and wellness. The following posts are just a few things that may help you on your own journey.


Signs Of Emotional Abuse
I’ve been talking recently about toxic family because of my own personal experiences. I’ve been trying to understand why someone
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Toxic Parents: Identification & Action
Recently I’ve been talking about the caregiving relationship turning toxic. There are many reasons why this can happen. Today I
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What Happens When Your Care giving Relationship Turns Toxic.
Recently I posted about my own experience having a toxic parent and where I had to draw the line. Many
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10 Tips For A Well Oiled Home
We all know there is more than one way to skin a cat.  Not that we’d want to.  This is
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Limits: What to talk about
Part 4 of our Limits discussion, and the last one….whoo!. I know it been a lot to get through but
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Building Limits
The last two weeks we looked at the beginnings of building limits and boundaries. We did some exercises to determine
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Determining Limits
Welcome back. Last time we started talking about limits. You can find that post here (add link). But if you’re
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Limits: The First Step
We all have limits and boundaries. Some of them are hard to set while many others are hard limits. But
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Explaining Death To A Toddler
The other day I had an interesting, but heartbreaking opportunity. At 5:30 A.M. our little Valkyrie’s Nana in OH called
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Stress and Caregivers: The Nitty Gritty Truth
If you are a caregiver, particularly to a family member you are going to be stressed.  There is little you
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