Our children are our most important resource. They are the future of our society.  But for a variety of reasons, many of us find the school systems inadequate, antiquated, dull, or simply backward.  Some leave because of religion.  Others leave for better opportunities and allow their children to thrive in their own home. Homeschooling.

Whatever your reason, if you are, or are considering homeschooling, I made this page for you.

A Dark Future

I look at the school system and I see our nation perpetually falling behind.  Bullying runs rampant in the schools and teachers are given no means to modify the detrimental behaviors of their students.  From friends who worked in the system to my own educational experiences, our system has many problems and few solutions.

We fail to teach our children to do math in a way that works for them. Instead, we force them to learn multiple ways and punish them if they do correctly with the wrong method.  We fail to teach to students strengths and weaknesses. And we can’t entirely blame the teachers either.  They were given few resources.  Many of them even pay for their own supplies.  This does not sound like a way to entice those educating our children.


Even worse are some of the agendas being pushed into the curriculum.  While I know that school is meant to be a way to socialize children to our societies norms, in many cases it has gone too far. Too many schools and even colleges now teach children what to think instead of how to think for themselves.  This neither serves our country or our children well.

Our children need to be taught to evaluate all ideas and determine for themselves what is right and wrong.  Or at the very least to make the wrong decision and to learn from those mistakes.  Any school or individual pushing any particular agenda while blatantly saying that the other side has no valid argument is only contributing to the problems in our education system.

Can You do it?

Yes you can.  Anyone can homeschool.  There are entire groups on facebook for single mother homeschoolers.  Amazon sells books on mothers who work and homeschool.  There are families who go to co-ops to learn the subjects that they don’t feel qualified to teach.  You can create your own curriculum or buy one of the many wonderful products available online or at any homeschool convention.

Is it expensive?

It depends on how you do it. I spend bits and pieces of money here and there, but I don’t buy curriculum for the most part. Granted the Valkyrie is only 3, but we still need supplies. I still occasionally pick something up at the dollar tree or online. But most of what we do I find online for free.  Often, I print cutting pages and coloring pages on the topics we are working on that week. I borrow from other teachers. I get freebies and buy content on Teachers pay Teachers.

The point is that there are many ways to homeschool at little to no cost.

Is it hard?

Some days yes. Others I barely notice. Is it work is the better question and the answer is yes. It does take time. It does take effort.  While I don’t do a ton of planning, we mostly unschool, I still have to make sure I have the stuff to do what I want to do.  I have to make sure that I can justify what we are doing to educate my child.

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