Food is at the heart of a family.  At least it has always seemed to be at the heart of mine.  And each family has its favorite family meals and recipes. While many of us don’t have a lot of time to cook, sitting down as a family is still important.  Even if you can only manage it once a week, that is better than nothing any day.

And food isn’t just about nourishment and quality time.  It’s about wellness and health.  A good diet can go a long way to helping you lose those few pesky pounds you’ve been struggling with.  Some studies even say that diet is more important than activity and exercise.  I’m not an expert, nor am I here to debate that.

I’m here to talk about good, clean food.

Our Food History

As I said, food has always been at the heart of our home. We used it for comfort. Food was a way for my mother to deal with her illness and her inability to do many things with me as a child. It became my coping mechanism as well.

However, in 2010 I went to England.  Many of the additives we use here are banned over there. I wouldn’t say I loved all the food, but God I miss English Indian and Chinese carry out.  Either way, after four months studying abroad I returned home to find that I couldn’t eat anything.

Everything made me sick.  Even my favorite foods.

It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was. It made for a miserable Senior year of college and a lot of stomach problems when I couldn’t adhere to what I was learning on campus.

As each year passed, I found more and more of the things that caused me to have stomach and bowel issues.  I went from a normal carb laden American diet (yes, with veggies) to Paleo and eventually the Keto diet.  While I can’t say I always bat 100%, I would say that I follow it 95% of the time. And I know that I pay for it when I don’t.

The Result?

In may of 2017 the entire household went Keto.  Since I began modifying my diet I have lost nearly 40lbs. My significant other lost, even more, when he started.  My mother has lost 10lbs and for the first time, has been able to get up and start moving around.  We found out that the sugar was contributing to the inflammation in her joints and to her pain.

I have found that my own minor aches and pains, as well as my mood, are better when I avoid sugars and carbs.  My little Valkyrie is the same, only worse. She is a little angel when she’s on the wagon and hell on wheels the day after she has some sugary confection.  Well, she’s 3 so she has her moments, but they are far worse on sugar than off.

And while we haven’t caused my father to gain weight (yes in some instances it can be used to gain weight), we have seen decreases in the memory loss he was experiencing due to his early stage dementia.

Cooking Time

I’m putting a bit of a caveat down here. One of my biggest pet peeves on nearly every recipe is cooking time estimates. Until you get really good at a recipe, they are generally wrong. So if the cooking time or prep time on my recipes seems a bit long….its because I realize this and I would much rather give you an accurate estimate. So with this in mind, I would say the cook time listed on most of my recipes tends to be about 10minutes extra for prep and 30 extra min for putting it all together.


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