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health and wellness are key to a long life.

Everyone strives for health and wellness. What can you do to better your own?           Keep reading.

Life is something to be cherished and enjoyed. To do that, we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves. Our health and wellness determine so many factors in our lives, from our health risks to our capabilities.  Eating right and exercising are only two pieces of the puzzle.  Our health is far more complicated than that.  It takes a person being well in mind, body, and spirit, to make one whole.

While this page won’t focus on spirituality, it does focus on the mind and body connection.  Finding different ways to de-stress and heal the body are only a few of the ways in which we can do better for ourselves.  I hope to post ways to live a more natural life.  Natural though, doesn’t always mean easier and you’ll have to make up your own mind.

Toxic World

We live in a toxic world. A while ago I had a scan at naturalists office that revealed a number of pesticides in my system, many of which are not even possible to remove.  It also opened my eyes to a world of horror. There are so many things in our water, our food, our cleaning products.  It took me a long time to remove what toxins I can, but I can attest that it has made a difference. My family noticed it before I even told them that I had removed some of the products.

In addition to the toxins we know are in our water and cleaning supplies, are the toxins and contaminants in our food.  Chemical and man-made products can be found in nearly every product at the store.  Others are more innocent items, ones we may use every day.  My best example being sugar. I’m sure you’ll see many posts and links here on sugar.

Toxic Mind

We also live in a society that is in many ways mentally toxic.

How many of us see at least one negative thing in our news feeds?  Most of us would say that we see more than one thing.  If you watch the news how often do you see an uplifting story? The media we consume affects us in many ways. Some of us cope better than others. Some of us fall prey to addiction or other divisions to combat the effect it has on us. Instead of doing that, why don’t we all rise to the occasion and find other ways to remain positive and mindful.  Ways to remember the blessings that we have in our lives.

I know we won’t give up on our social media. It’s too convenient….even for me.  Nor would I ever ask you to.  But we all have to be aware of how it affects us.

This section of my site is designed to point out tips, tools, and resources related to all areas of health & wellness.  The world may be full of stress and negativity. However, there are many ways to combat its influence on our lives.

As usual, at the bottom of the page, I list a few of my favorite resources, books, or websites on the topic at hand.

My Favorite Health and Wellness sources

Dr. Berg– A great sources of information on a variety of health topics including the dangers of sugar.

Cooking Keto With Kristie – Kristie has the best tasting keto recipes I’ve found to date. She has her own cookbook, which we bought and use in our home.  She even makes a keto bread that actually tastes good.  Oh and if you like sweets she has a number of low carbs, diet-friendly sweets that you would never think have no sugar. 

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