FI: February Report

I’ve finally figured out what we spent from February and where we are on our road to Financial Independence.

FI: February Report

  • Savings 5% (Lower and more on that below)
  • Housing 15%
  • Utilities 7%
  • Food 4%  (lower than usual by about 13 dollars)
  • Transportation 3%
  • Health 1%
  • Babysitting  less than 1%
  • Obligations 52% (See heading below)
  • Entertainment 14% (See heading below)

First off we had some additional income and some money left from the prior month.    So that helped cover some of the extra expenses. Which was great. Most of it went into debt, but we also had some unexpected expenses, as we almost always do at the beginning of the year.


I say this is savings but it’s more of an investment. In an attempt to make some more money to put towards debt I’ve invested in a bitcoin traiding bot. I have about 1030 in if you count the fees and transaction costs.

In the last two weeks since I started the bot has made about 30 dollars, but there have been some down sides as well. The boyfriend and I are looking at more stable ways to trade between BTC and USD due to the vast fluctuations.

Currently, we may be switching to Tether to decrease some of the volitiity and ensure that we are simply making more USD profit as BTC prices go up. We’ll see how that goes.


I’m continuing to pay down my debts. I paid off the credit cards. However, I ended up needing to put a hearing aide for mom back on. We are waiting to see if I will get reimbursed for that through Medicaid. **Fingers crossed* So, for the time being, I am just going to make the minimum payment on that and switch my attention the student loan with the least amount.

However, thanks to tax season I was able to put 3000 towards my debt. Which is amazing. I also broke down my fed loans into each of their individual amounts and interest percentages to get a more accurate look at when I’d be done paying my pound of flesh each month.

The most recent numbers are:

  • 10 Months Ahead of the original schedule (Apr 2024)
  • FInishing June 2024
  • With a balance of around 75593 left.

I’m getting there.


February was a little better as far as expenditures, but I still have some room for improvement. It’s so hard for me not to spend at this time of year with all the depression and cold. But I’m working on it.

We all did better at not spending money on eating out though.  So I’ll take what I can get and keep working towards the rest.



Overall I’m doing well. Last month I was only 5 months ahead of schedule for my debt payoff and now I’m 10. I know I may not be able to make such a big jump this month, but even if I can get halfway to another month ahead of schedule by cutting costs, I’ll be happy.

And depending on arrangements with the boyfriend for the events we’re going to, I may have another 500 or so to throw at debt in the near future. But for now, I’m going to hold onto it.

Well, that’s it for this months update. I can’t wait to see how I do next month!.



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