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The Toddler Sewing Kit

Our sewing kit.

A full view of our sewing kit. A list of the items included and a few that we will add are listed below.

I had to take a break from my series of posts on being a Caregiver to your parents.  I needed to do something fun. Recently, I’ve been sewing….a lot. I’ve been making all manner of new dresses and I’m working on a set of felt dice. The second so I can work towards perfecting my satin stitch (another tutorial that I may get to at one point).  However, I seem to have this little one who keeps trying to fiddle with my sewing kit or machine.  

She’s two…so I can’t expect her to get with the program and be a perfect angel all the time. So I went to go buy her a toddler sewing kit from a Montessori site….and couldn’t find one. So I decided to make my own.  

Not only is sewing a great skill to have our children build towards but even if your child doesn’t end up a seamstress, they may learn something.  For example, threading a pipe cleaner through an old spool is a great motor development game and something my child already loves to do (that and threading beads).  Or using buttons to teach colors and shapes.  As with many avenues of learning, the possibilities are endless. 

Great for color and shape educational activities

Just a few of the colors and most of the shapes from the button set I bought her for her kit.

Our Toddler Sewing Kit

So what did we put in our kit? Take a look:

  • Buttons– As you can see in the images, I chose a bright bold button pack with a lot of different shapes.  The holes are big enough that she will be able to practice her sewing skills as she gets older.  For now, she just enjoys lining them up and sorting them in whatever manner is pleasing to her that day.  
  • Utensils Case– I saw this one on Pinterest. Not only can the thing be used for storage, but I’ve seen pipe cleaners attached to it so the child can work on threading things onto it, or just practicing threading it through the holes themselves. 
  • Plastic needles– Safe, practical, hard to hurt yourself with.  
  • Plastic Canvas– When I was little my mother used to use this stuff to make everything. I had barbie furniture, tissue paper holders, magnets and even Christmas ornaments made out of the stuff. The holes are fairly big so its perfect for an aspiring seamstress to practice their stitches on. 
  • Cross Stitch Hoop: This is great.  Eventually she can use it for cross stitch if she wants but for now, I just want to get some colorful shelf lining to put in it. See the next section for more details. If nothing else she will play with the hoop as small children do. 
  • Pipe Cleaners– These can be threaded through the canister or just played with in general.  
  • A Zipper– She loves playing zippers and its great fine motor practice for her. 
  • Fabric scraps and Squares– Bright colors and patterns attract the eye.  My little one likes to order and sort them.  She also just likes to wave them around.  I personally don’t get the appeal, but I’m also not 2 years old. 

Future Additions/Ideas

  • Shelf liner– this can be placed on the cross stitch hoop.  If you haven’t seen the stuff before, it has holes in it.  It’s another great thing to practice with the needle. 
  • Balls of yarn– I have the yarn, just haven’t had the time to make the balls.  Eventually, my little one will be able to learn to thread her little needle.  
  • Old Yarn Spools– I plan to save a couple of these as I use my massive collection of thread.  She can thread them through pipe cleaners or stack them like blocks.  


I’m sure there is all other sorts of ideas that could be used with this and I’ll be sure to update you as I find them.  

Cross stitch hoop, plastic needles, measuring tape, and her box of buttons and sewing trinkets. Her favorite sewing things.


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