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Wyrd Mama is Back

After a move, several doctor switches, and adjusting to our new life in Indianapolis, we are back.  I’m hoping to finally be able to post more, especially now that I’ve started homeschooling my little one.

I have tons of ideas and I look forward to sharing them with you and your families.  The goal is still the same. Share my world and my experiences, with anyone who needs them.

Blessed Be.

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Amber Brandenburg

January 27, 2017

Hello. This is Amber.  We just recently launched our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest.  I’m still working on putting up content on all of them and linking stuff from here to there so you can track me via your favorite sources of social media.

Right now the Pinterest has the most up.  I had a bit too much fun going down the rabbit hole.  I found a whole bunch of new things I need to try with my little miss, some of which she is still way too young for.

I’m hoping to get set up to Vlog soon as well, hence the YouTube Channel. There are some things that are just impossible to explain verbally without needing a bit of a visual.  So bear with me as I work out the kinks and get everything up and running.

Hope you’re having a great week and have a wonderful weekend.


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