Wyrd Mama

Welcome to Wyrd Mama!

I wanted a home where I could share my passions:


We all have faith or belief in something be it a Goddes or science.  Together my family and I live together despite our spiritual differences.  We have a druid, two Christians, and me, the eclectic pagan.  We’ll have to wait and see what the little one decides for herself.

Health and Wellness

At our house, we eat a Ketogenic Diet. I hope to share with you the recipes my family loves. We’ll also share what works (and what doesn’t).  And I promise to link you to my favorite ketogenic recipes, books, and videos.


I homeschool my three-year-old…at 3 its kind of like herding cats, but we have fun.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, while we have a study/craft room, more often than not we hang out at the dining room table or sit on my bed when we work on our letters and numbers through games, apps, and workbooks. We love to color.  I’ll share my favorite homeschool websites, resources, and hopefully, help you save some money in looking to educate or supplement your own wee one.

I’ll also share my favorite parenting tips (as I discover them). And hopefully, I’ll learn something from those who visit here and comment on the pages.  Our children don’t come with handbooks. It takes a village.


I take care of both of my parents working as my mother’s CNA.  While it allows me to work at home, it can take a lot out of me. Let me share what I learn about taking over the finances and managing the household for someone else.  It’s rough, but we do what we have to for those we love.

Stitches and Seams

I’m a crafty little witch. I love to sew and I make a lot of DIY stuff for myself and my daughter. I’ll share my favorite tutorials and possibly post a few of my own.  I’ll share my projects with you and give you some ideas on things you can make on your own.

And More to Come from Wyrd Mama

I’m sure I’ll find more to share as time goes on, so bear with me as I build this site for everyone and anyone who can use the information.